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E-shops for all popular CMS
Open Cart, Presta Shop, Magenta…

We have developed our own CMS system considering all crucial function for Excel import/export, work with several goods, making special offers, discounts and many other useful features
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How we get the best result?

E-shop developmentis a big range of workwhich requires utmost efficiency and perfect communication between all development departments.

Analyze the market

We analyze your rivals to make your e-shop is absolutely competitive

Develop design

We create tailor-fit design based on your company style and products

Develop an e-shop

Programming, layout, adapting to all devices and setting


To launch a shop it is vital to double-check it for bugs and glitches


Shopping basket

Сбор всех товаров в один заказ. Обычно используется для заказа более одного товара.

Multifunctional catalogue

Вывод товаров в табличном виде или же в виде списка с возможностью выполнять ряд определённых функций в данном каталоге.

Visitor data

Подключение Google Analytic или Yandex Metrika для просмотра полной информации о посещения магазина, источников перехода и т.д.

Creating and development of unique design

Проектирование интерфейса будущего и продумывание юзабилити. Совокупность графических элементов, шрифтов, цветов, индивидуальных тематических иконок, реализованных в магазине.

Content management system (CMS)

CMS — система управления контентом в интернет-магазине, используемая для самостоятельного процесса создания, редактирования и управления контентом (фотографии, страницы, товары, категории, новости и т.д.).


Поиск любой информации, товаров и категорий.

Video at any page

Добавление видеоинформации в любом месте.

Location map

Подключение интерактивной масштабируемой карты Google или Яндекс для отображения проезда.

News feed

Вывод новостной ленты в определенных блоках.

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Website for consulting company

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Promo site

Promo site with brief information about your business or service.

от 2000 грн

Corporate web-site

Information site for firms, companies, agencies of 4-6 or more pages

от 4000 грн

Landing page site

One-page site to sell services or small quantity of goods to the target audience

от 2500 грн


Site for selling goods on the Internet

от 6000 грн

Portal site

High-volume site, for instance a news portal or a file-sharing site to place various questionnaires, photo-video files, articles etc.

от 5000 грн

Other services

We can provide high-quality reliable hosting, smart technical support, site content, analytics and more.

от 100 грн


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Order an e-shop development

As the “Forbes” claims, over 80% of purchases are made on the Internet which clearly shows the significance of e-shops nowadays. An e-shop development by joie web-studio can become a good investment into successful Internet sales.

E-shop development may include:

  • Convenient catalogue. Smart goods grouping by categories, convenient sliders of goods pictures, filter by price can have a significant influence on the comfort of your customer whole shopping online.
  • Smart search. Very comfortable search by product range
  • Unique design. 80 percent of impression of the e-shop depends on good design, so we can make it attractive an one-of-a-kind.
  • Convenient purchase Clients want to make shopping as easy as possible, so we help them to make their choice very simple, in one click, making an order or calling your shop
  • Technical maintenance. We can provide 100% uninterrupted e-shop work for ultimate quality.

It is important to know: when you order an e-shop development, the price matters but it should not become the most decisive aspect. Saving money at the expense of quality is out of the question! You have to admit that the customer will opt for a more attractive and convenient site over the site the quality of which leaves far to be desired.