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Landing Page
perfect for:

It makes a perfect presentation for goods of both wholesale and retail shops, a good way of getting feedbacks and an active call for buying

It is an efficient way to present your services on the net and to emphasize the best qualities of your business

It is a brief yet effective way to present your product as a landing page which may become a money spinner for your business

Develop a landing
with us and it will have:

Selling headlines

They attract the bulk of attention to the main information on the site to sell your goods or services. They make up to 70 per cent of landing page browsing effect.


Detailed yet accurate and up-to-the-point description explains the headline


We can create a design which would call users to action. It would be both attractive and memorable.

Selling text content

Simple understandable texts describe your advantages and pros. We can also include feedbacks of satisfied customers, etc.

Your landing
will be adaptive

Over 60-70 percent of clients use the sites on their mobile devices
so our sites are totally adaptive to all screen resolutions.

Landind development has several stages of adapting to maximize correct display.

Our featured work

Landing page для курсов английского языка

Landing page ждя оператора такси

Landing page для обсуживания электроники

Landing page для арт студии

Landing page для продажи камер 360

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Promo site

Promo site with brief information about your business or service.

от 2000 грн

Corporate web-site

Information site for firms, companies, agencies of 4-6 or more pages

от 4000 грн

Landing page site

One-page site to sell services or small quantity of goods to the target audience

от 2500 грн


Site for selling goods on the Internet

от 6000 грн

Portal site

High-volume site, for instance a news portal or a file-sharing site to place various questionnaires, photo-video files, articles etc.

от 5000 грн

Other services

We can provide high-quality reliable hosting, smart technical support, site content, analytics and more.

от 100 грн


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Do you need to order Landing Page?

Landing Page development is a perfect advertising tool for a service or a small quantity of goods because you can get more orders, calls and commercial offers without making a big e-shop or a full-fledged corporate web-page.

Landing Page can make a potential client stay on your site or move on to your competitors. When we develop a site, our task is to make a client interested and keep their attention till they make an order or call a manager.

Что мы акцентируем при создании Landing Page?

Конечно, Вам нужны именно целевые заходы на сайт, те которые ведут к прибыли.

Мы определим целевую аудиторию для написания правильных, продающих текстов и настройки рекламной компании на максимальный эффект.
И вот после настройки рекламы на Ваш лендинг зашел потенциальный клиент, мы гарантируем что он увидит исключительно полезную ифнормацию для достижения Ваших целей.

Landing Page будет включать в себя:

  • Продающие заголовки – описание основной ценности для потребителя, ведущей к покупке-заявке.
  • Подзаголовки – краткое описание заголовков для лучшего информирования.
  • Текста – подробное, продающее описания услуг, товаров для любознательных клиентов.
  • Общий дизайн – мотивирует к действию посетителя.
  • Адаптивность для удобного просмотра лендинга на всех устройствах с различными экранами.